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--ON SPORT MEDIA: "It’s understanding the fan and how to monetize the viewing consumption experience is exactly what everyone is trying to figure out," said Walzak.

--ON SPORT SPONSORSHIP: "In the end, it’s likely McDonald’s decided it needed to change its overall marketing strategy and the Olympics were no longer a good fit. The Olympic brand, however, still faces its own challenges", Walzak wrote.

--ON BODYBUILDING: “Don’t hesitate – sometimes women are afraid to go into the weight room because it’s predominantly men in there, but I can tell you from experience that they are usually helpful and supportive,” she says. “I recommend working with a trainer or using a buddy system with a friend, and celebrate every milestone. And it doesn’t matter your shape or size because when you are physically strong, you go through your life also feeling strong and confident, said Walzak.

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June 5, 2018 

Video gamers may soon be paid more than pro athletes co-authored with Dr. Louis-Etienne Dubois, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

February 9, 2018

via Washington Post Olympic Athlete's Love McDonald's.  But its role in PyeongChang will be the smallest in decades.

October 5, 2017 

Via Toronto Star Article: Cam Newton comment shines light on women's struggles in sports reporting by Maija Kappler (opinion L. Walzak) 

September 20, 2017

Jay Onrait inspires Ryerson’s first sport media generation

August 26, 2017

Bars hope to Cash in on Mayweather and McGregor fight, Walzak weighs in

August 25, 2017  

Tune in to learn what Laurel Walzak thinks about the Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregar "Mega Fight" on CBC Radio

Big money fight

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July 11, 2017

The Conversation - McDonald's and the Olympics by Laurel Walzak

March 8, 2017 

What does international women's day mean to you?